Link Building – How to get started with link building technique?

If you are into digital marketing industry (not necessary you are an expert in there), but just if you know the basic working of the industry, you must be aware of various techniques that are involved in the process.

Among the various techniques involved in the process, link building is certainly one of the hardest of all. After being part of the industry for nearly a decade now, I know that out of the three core factors involved in search engine optimization, link building requires the most demanding aspect.

Now, backlinks surely are significant, but the problem is, how to acquire those links?

This can be especially hard for beginners, who aren’t much familiar with challenges and tricks involved in the process. When I started my career, two questions that instantly popped into my mind were

1. How do I create backlinks to my website?
2. Which strategies can help be acquire links to my website?

Well, after many years of wandering in the industry, today I finally have my answers and so I decided to help you guys discover the best practices for link building. Below I will be sharing my top tip that will help you get started and from there on you can take your road easily.

Invest in relationship building

Perhaps the most important thing you will learn in your quest to access backlinks is to build relationships. You got to resemble that one guy who seems to fit everywhere and anywhere. The key to building relationships is to be selfless, well, at least you got to pretend like that. Since you are the beginner and in need of new friends, you got to make the first offer without expecting much in return.

Now, building relationships aren’t that difficult as you might assume, actually there are various other people like you who are there to connect with other people and you just got to find them.

Let me just help you out here.

1. Firstly, prepare yourself a list of best bloggers in your niche and make an excel sheet. Assort the list in terms of grading levels from high to moderate to low. The higher list will comprise of top bloggers while the low levels will be bloggers who have just started or haven’t been performing particularly well, which means that they aren’t really waste of time but rather can be an easy option to acquire backlinks.

2. Now that you have your list, just start connecting with them gradually. Remember, what we said above, portray yourself as selfless and that means you just can’t ask them for links directly. Try a rather indirect approach by approaching them over social media platforms and start commenting on their posts.

Simply put, make them your friends before you ask them a favour.

Gradually you will get noticed by them as well as other people linked with those bloggers and before you know it, you will have a definite community of people who know you and who will be willing to share with you some backlinks.

About the Author:

Taimoor Khan is a digital marketing expert and a passionate blogger. He loves to share his success secrets with beginners. He is currently associated with LeopardSol. – A Las Vegas-based company offering digital marketing services in USA.


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