Zambian Music Blog

Zambian Music Blog

Zambian Music Blog: This is Zambia's most popular music blog, the site was developed in 2011 by Mutika Philips. It's one of the few blogs that are putting Zambian artist on the market by showcasing their music on the interest. Which is making it easy for international as well as corporate to bodies to have a chance to listen to an artist before engaging with them on any projects. 

The following are some features or things found on Zambian Music Blog:

1. Category: The music on Zambian Music Blog is arranged in different categories. This makes it easy to find the type of music one is looking for as they are sorted in different genres.

2. Download: Unlike other platforms where downloading buttons are hard to find, On Zambia music blog it easy to download song you are interested in.

3. News: Another interesting feature on the blog is being able to find the latest stories relating to different celebrities and their lifestyle.

4. Artists: This section of Zambian music blog is about the profile of Zambian artist, their real names, stage name, place of birth etc...

5. Lyrics: Have ever wanted to sing along your favourite tracks, well check this section for song lyrics... 

Who sends music there?

Well, as far as concerned, anyone even upcoming musicians can send their music to the blog for a certain fee, in any music category/genre. All you have to do is contact the blog/site owners to inquire more.

In conclusion, it's a great blog showcasing Zambian music to the World and a great platform to get the latest tract and download to enjoy listening all for FREE. It's also a good platform for upcoming musicians to gain ground as the platform is visited a lot of people.

For more, check the site here: ZambianMusicBlog

Would you like to develop your own Zambian Music Blog?

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