Bimber WordPress theme not showing thumbnail......simple you have Activated NFFW, go and disable

bimber wp theme not showing thumbnail
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What is NSFW?

Not safe/suitable for work is a term used to mark posts which contain nudity, intense sexuality, or other sensitive content, which the viewer may not wish to be seen accessing in a public such as in a workplace.

In the theme, all images belong to NSFW posts will NOT be visible on any listing. User needs to open a single post to see them.

How to enable?

To activate NSFW option:

  1. Go to the WordPress Admin › Appearance › Customize panel
  2. Open to the Posts › NSFW section
  3. Check the Enabled option
  4. Now choose the categories for your NSFW posts

Mode switcher

When the NSFW mode is enabled, all images belong to NSFW categories, are hidden on all listings. To view them, you have to visit a post single page or you can use our NSFW mode switcher. To allow users switch between modes, please add the switcher to you header by following these simple steps:

  1. Make sure that the NSFW option is enabled (see above)
  2. Go to the WordPress Admin › Appearance › Customize panel
  3. Open to the Header › Builder section
  4. Place the NSFW dropdown onto your header (screen)

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