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BloggingNotes.Review is a niche blog that writes about WordPress tips,  Blogger tips, Make money online, Web designing and many other blogging related topics. We created this blog because of the passion we have for sharing information and educating people across the world on many aspects of blogging, ideas, tutorials
  We at BloggingNotes.review offer daily guidance to web designing, WordPress tips, and Blogger tips and also share success stories from other people willing to share their experiences in the world of blogging and how to make money online. In addition, we also publish great helpful articles from, EzineArticles.com. This blog was created and is currently owned by Thomas Phiri and hosted on Google’s best publishing platform blogger.com and read some Android hack at www.androidwillo.com and lifestyle at www.amalifestyle.review

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I'm Thomas - I'm a Zambian blogger, African, Passionate about Blogging, Web Designing, Writing and helping people making money online. This blog is a place where I want to share all the things about blogging and making money online, keep! Am also a content creator, I help people/ small business establish their brands and services online.

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